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Backstreet Academy is a peer to peer travel platform for the most amazing experiences anywhere. Connecting with people when you travel is one of life’s great experiences. Even better when you happen to meet someone with similar interests, or someone really devoted to his craft, like local fisherman who can show you his traditional fishing techniques or a chef who can teach you local cooking techniques and flavours. Language barriers and travel schedules make it almost impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. With Backstreet Academy, we make it as easy as a click. We bring back the lost lustre of travel in the age of mass tourism. We bring back the lost human connection that we lost in our rush to see each and every attraction. We bring back the curiosity in traditions, skills and culture and not just in the form of looking, but by having an intimate, hands-on experience with a master of his craft. Travel different, travel the backstreets of the world and experience its wonders like never before. Sit down with a master and feel like an apprentice learning the great arts like in the Renaissance. Appreciate the wonders of the world, hands-on

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    • Address: Le Sherpa Farmers Market, Panipokhari, Kathmandu
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  • Anjalu Chaudhary
  • Amit Chaudhary
  • pramit Marattha
  • Bishnu Prasad Aryal
  • Susma Adhikari
  • raju kc