About Us

Chaudhary Group forms an intrinsic part of every realm of life from Biotech, Cement, Education, Electronics & White goods, Energy and Infrastructure, Financial Services, FMCG, Hotels & Resorts, Realty to Retail. Since its inception, ChaudharyGroup has contributed to the upliftment of the nation's economy, equalizing the infrastructure and entrepreneurial capability of Nepal with other developing nations. As Nepal's investment potential progressively draws the attention of leading multinationals, Chaudhary Group continues to lead, harnessing global partnerships in core sectors and offering cost-effective procurement affiliation to corporate worldwide. The company offers its products and services through dealers, distributors, retailers, and suppliers. Chaudhary Group is based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

 about company

    • Industry: FMCG
    • Ownership: Private Limited
    • Address: Chaudhary Towers, Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, Nepal
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  • Anjalu Chaudhary
  • Soniya Dhungana
  • Khima Kaucha
  • Roshani Thapa
  • Sofiya Chaurasiya
  • dil maya Gurung
  • Manoj Shahi
  • Manish Khadka
  • sabin mahat
  • Govind sapkota
  • Ramjee Rakhal Magar
  • shiv kumar khatri