About Us

Hulas Wellness Pvt. Ltd is one of the subsidiary of Golchha Organisation. Golchha Organisation operates as an holding company and through its subsidiaries engages in the production of steel products. It also engages in the trading of consumer electronics and food products. The company was founded in 1934 and is based in Biratnagar, Nepal. The Hulas Wellness pvt. ltd is opened to provide the ease health services to the public.

 about company

    • Industry: Hospital / Clinic / Diagnostic Centre
    • Ownership: Private Limited
    • Address: Biratnagar, Morang


  • Amit Chaudhary
  • Sofiya Chaurasiya
  • Yukesh Limbu Limbu
  • Mibek ShresthA
  • Subodh Subedi
  • Saroj Parajuli
  • Anil Kr Sah
  • Sagar Dhakal
  • Pratim Bhattarai
  • Rajesh Basnet
  • meeru napit
  • Rudra Bahadur Karki