About Us

Magnus Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is an pharmaceutical company trusted widely among healthcare professionals over diverse geography for its best quality products and services. Since its inception, it has been striving to adapt to the evolving needs of society and contribute to overall health and wellness of the people of nation and beyond. It's state of art manufacturing facilities, a nation's finest Research and Development setups, most charismatic pool of employees, a total quality management system and unwavering desire to achieve excellence has made it succeed to set new benchmarks within short tenure.

 about company

    • Industry: Hospital / Clinic / Diagnostic Centre
    • Ownership: Private Limited
    • Address: Bhanu Marg, Birgunj, Nepal


  • Anjalu Chaudhary
  • Amit Chaudhary
  • gyanendra mishra
  • Bijay Adhikari
  • Sylvi Rajbaidya
  • Sirjana Neupane
  • Paras Kharael