About Us

We are a newly establishing social organization. Our upcoming program : Women's health program (During Pregnancy to After delivery ) . Summary of Program: Recently our country’s woman are active in various aspects like health, education, skills etc but still in many of rural areas thick range of woman aren’t getting essential facilities because of the lack of awareness and self-freedom too. Similarly, in many cases we are still not able to count them in safe and healthy category. Due to our old primitive customs and values, traditions as well as so called social concepts women are still not free to exercise their freedom and their rights to receive the facilities they need to improve their lifestyle as well as their livelihood. The main purpose of our program is to help those women of backward community who still have to fight for their basic needs to get a better life. According to our current visit some rural sites we found many things that need to improve. That’s why our program is to ensure women’s health during pregnancy to after delivery stage to reduce morality rate of maternal/infant. To prevent such unnatural problems during pregnancy we planned for this program. After implementation of this program we will make sure of positive changes and improvement will definitely appear against issues regarding pregnancy/delivery period.

 about company

    • Industry: NGO/INGO/Development Project
    • Ownership: NGO/INGO
    • Address: Kathmandu Nepal


  • Hem Raj Bhatt
  • Dipendra Yadav
  • Anjalu Chaudhary
  • Amit Chaudhary
  • Bibek Bhsttarai
  • Bishnu Prasad Aryal
  • Sushmita Shrestha
  • Priyanka Mishra
  • manahang subba
  • jaya pulami
  • shweta karna
  • Sushma Basnet