About Us

Varun Beverages Nepal Pvt. Ltd are the one of the largest franchisee in the world (outside US) of carbonated soft drinks (“CSDs”) and non-carbonated beverages (“NCBs”) sold under trademarks owned by PepsiCo. We produce and distribute a wide range of CSDs, as well as a large selection of NCBs, including packaged drinking water. PepsiCo CSD brands produced and sold by us include Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Seven-Up, Mirinda Orange, Mirinda Lemon, Mountain Dew, Seven-Up Nimbooz Masala Soda, Seven-Up Revive, Evervess Soda. PepsiCo NCB brands produced and sold by us include Tropicana Slice, Tropicana Frutz (Lychee, Apple and Mango), Seven-Up Nimbooz as well as packaged drinking water under the brand Aquafina. In addition, we have also been granted the franchise for Ole brand of PepsiCo products in Sri Lanka.

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  • Amit Chaudhary
  • Hitesh Kumar Chaudhary
  • Anjeena Shrestha
  • Arumugam Appar
  • Divya Laxmi Yadav
  • puskar niroula
  • Amar Niroula
  • Manish Khadka
  • Anu Phuyal Singh
  • Prashant Neupane
  • shiv kumar khatri
  • Raju Khatri