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Bigyan Gautam

Buddhanagar, Sankhamul, Kathmandu

Experience: 3Y, 6M

A professional marketing expert who likes to experiment with new ideas and techniques in marketing field of Nepal. Has researched and worked in Nepali Marketing Field for more than more two years and strongly believe that we can provide better marketing experiences to both customers and clients. A strong believer that Nepali Marketing Industry needs a revolutionary transformation in term of contents to connect with audience.

Profile Detail
Name Bigyan Gautam Date of birth 1997-09-16
Gender Male Nationality Nepali
Current address Buddhanagar, Sankhamul, Kathmandu Permanent Address Jhapa, Nepal
Religion Hindu Marital Status Single
Expected Salary Preferred Locations Bhaktapur
Preferred Categories Marketing / Advertising Preferred Industries Advertising Agency
Degree Name School/College Board %/CGPA/Grade Pass Year Country
BCIS Apex College Pokhara University 2019 Nepal
No training added.
Marketing Head
Contract Time
10 Jun, 2016 - ,
meme Nepal

Job by function: Marketing / Advertising

Country: Nepal

Duties and Responsibilities:

- Works Independently as a marketing manager.

- Dealing with new clients from movie industry, music industry, consultancies and other  various brands to advertise their product.

- Write, make suitable advertising contents that fits the requirements of both client and its targeted audience. 

- Maintain public relations between the organisation and its audience

- Has made Social Media Commercial (SMC) of URBAN GIRL (UG Cakes) which was solely released on Facebook and has over 2.3M views which was the first ad to be released on Facebook only and cross over two million views.

 Link: 1)


-  Has made Social Media Commercial (SMC) of H-Tiger which was solely released on Facebook and has over 350K views. 




Project Manager
Contract Time
12 Nov, 2018 - 10 Feb, 2019
Jhapako Bhakka

Job by function: Food & Beverage/Continental

Country: Nepal

Duties and Responsibilities:

Jhapako Bhakka was a three month long project ( Mangsir to Falgun) which introduced the typical Rajbanshi food Bhakka which was only popular in eastern terai part of Nepal in Kathmandu Valley. During the project we brought around 14 Rajbanshi women here and installed various temporary food stands in streets of Kathmandu in the early morning. The food item soon became so popular that it was featured in various national daily newspapers and the project was appreciated by many people in the valley.  

- Managed the day to day operations from early morning to evening.

- Pitched various colleges and people to keep stalls of Bhakka in their place for a particular period of time.

- Applied various marketing strategies such as photo advertising, contests and media advertising to increase the brand image of the food item.

Featured Links:

Kantipur Daily

Aarthik Abhiyan Daily

Marketing Manager
Full Time
10 Sep, 2016 - 10 Aug, 2018
Livi Entertainment

Job by function: Marketing / Advertising

Country: Nepal

Duties and Responsibilities:

- Creating ideas, making reports and presentations for various companies.

- Pitching to new clients to advertise their brand.

- Delivering the marketing strategies as promised to the clients.

- Maintaining continuous relations with clients.

- Dealing with various Social Media Influencers for promotions of brands and events.

- Managing the entire production team while shooting of video advertisements.

Language English, Nepali, Hindi
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