About Us

Kantipur Management Private Limited (KMPL) is an expertise on human resources solutions and has been providing Human Resource Management and related solutions to organizations across the country since 2012. The company is involved in committed to provide the best services to clients and job seekers in different field and profession of varied diversity of candidates from entry level associates, mid-level managers to first level managers.

 about company

    • Industry: Mgmt. Consultancy / Outsourcing
    • Ownership: Private Limited
    • Address: Lagankhel, Lalitpur
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  • Kalpana Magar
  • Utsav Sedhain
  • Sandesh Dhakal
  • Sunil Maharjan
  • Pramesh Dhami
  • dinesh hamal
  • nabin giri
  • Sarala Reshami
  • Surendra Shrestha
  • Resham Bahadur Budhathoki
  • Prazol Acharya
  • Dhruba Karki